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Jamie-Leigh Schultz – Long Life – (Hit Like A Girl 2018 Popular)

Jamie-Leigh Schultz was born on June 8, 2003 in Johannesburg, South Africa. She and her family moved to the United Sates in Dec, 2015. Jamie grew up exposed to music as she watched and listened to her dad play at home and at shows around the country. She was a

publish 8 junio, 2018 1060
Roni Kaspi – Chromazone (Hit Like A Girl 2018 3nd Place)

Chromazone by Mike Stern Drums- Roni Kaspi. Find me on Instagram: roniponi100 A live session with: Bass- Yoni Ben Ari, Keys – Toki Stern, Guitar: Itamar Segal, Tenor Sax: Tal Kalman Mixing and Mastering: Yuvi Gerstein Cameras and Video edited by the grea

publish 8 junio, 2018 1363
Minji Kim – Break (Hit Like A Girl 2018 2nd Place)

Song written by Minii Kim, Jiwon Kang Drums – Minji Kim (김민지) Bass – Kiyoun Son (손기윤) Keys – Jiwon Kang (강지원) Guitars – Seoin Lee (이서인)

publish 8 junio, 2018 840
Yuki Ogawa -Japan – (Hit Like A Girl 2018 1nd Place)

My name is Yuki Ogawa. I am 13 years old. I’ve been playing drums since I was 3 year old. My future dream is to become a professional drummer known in the world like Kozo Suganuma or Senri Kawaguchi. I want for people all over the world to know about Jap

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