1 stroke (R) – 1161 – E

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151. Here we work on independence, one of the most interesting aspects of the drum kit. These exercises were influenced by those created by the drummer Kenny Arnoff. Watch out that the cymbal maintains one figure, the snare is in the 2-4, the hi-hat with crotchets and we read with the bass drum. Figures of one, two, and three beats. These exercises have helped me a lot to work on ambidexterity and all students of mine who have used them have been surprised with the results. Speed (crotchets) = 60 and (crotchets) = 70. Here we start to work with two beats on the cymbal. The exercises here get a little more complicated, and it is important that you should master all the previous sections before starting on this one. Pay close attention to the synchrony of the different elements of the drum kit: snare drum, hi-hat, bass drum, cymbal.




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