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1 stroke (R) – 1215 – E

12 November, 2017 548 37 No Comments


Here we work on independence, one of the most interesting aspects of the drum kit. These exercises were influenced by those created by the drummer Kenny Arnoff. Watch out that the cymbal maintains one figure, the snare is in the 2-4, the hi-hat with crotchets and we read with the bass drum. Figures of one, two, and three beats. These exercises have helped me a lot to work on ambidexterity and all students of mine who have used them have been surprised with the results. Speed (crotchets) = 60 and (crotchets) = 70. This exercise (for me, anyway) is one of the most complex and it is difficult for it to move nimbly. Whenever you practise just as I’ve been commenting, use slow speeds so you can understand the development and distribution of all the pieces of the drum kit. The best thing is to go step by step, first cymbal – then snare drum – hi-hat and then (still singing) you add the bass drum following the established order of figures.




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