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2 Flams with quintets, sixteen notes and triplets – 2020 – E

12 November, 2017 977 43 No Comments


Two Flams. In fifth notes With the snare and the toms How to work with this pattern. A) Fifth notes with Flams B) Displacement in fifth time with two flams with sixteen notes in 4/4 C) Displacement in fifth time with two flams with triplets in 4/4



Exercise number six is the same as the one before, but now it has two flams on the first and second note of the first five notes. Like all this exercises, they can be played in duple meeder or in triple meeder. That is to say in straight sixteenth, so eight notes, or in triplets. Here is in sixteenth notes. One, two, three, four… And here is in triplet form. One, two, three, four… Let’s try it on two drums. One, two, three, four….


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