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Bomba “Historical comments” – 8041 – E

12 November, 2017 516 30 No Comments


Giovanni explains the history of Bomba and its evolution. Listen carefully to the explanations of this great master; they will help you to better understand this interesting world.



The first two versions of Bomba with two open beats and three open beats. The first one was played with a great, great, great dynamic, popular rhythm from Puerto Rico and the person that played this rhythm was the great Rafael Cortijo with Ismael Rivera and they put that rhythm in the highest, highest levels ever. The second one, with three open beats, was played by the great family that is still putting the love, putting the respect, the example for all of us in Puerto Rico and the whole planet. The name of this family is Cepeda family from Santurce, like the great, greatest master patriarch ever, the late Rafael Cepeda. And this gentleman and his sons and daughters, they made a great chemistry, a great interaction, putting all of us to dance and to expand our culture to the rest of the world.


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