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Cáscara and Clave – 3005 – E

12 November, 2017 4981 115 No Comments


This video has an exercise with the explanation of the Son and Rumba Clave with Cáscara and Bass Drum. 1st line: right hand plays Rumba Clave on Snare. 2nd line: left hand plays Cáscara on Floor-Tom. 3rd line: Bass Drum on the fourth Quarter note of the bar, Quarter Notes on Hihat.



Now, we’re going to add the bass drum to these styles of Rumba. I should explain that these Rumba is a style of AfroCuban music and is played by three congas, Clave, and another guy who play the sticks and the cáscara. So, the bass drum part we’re going to play now is one of the conga patterns in the rumba, and it goes like this. One, two, three, four…


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