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Comments about Binary – Triplet subdivision (free) – 5002 – E

12 November, 2017 588 54 No Comments


In this exercise Horacio shows you how to combine the binary and ternary figures and how to sing on them. In the first exercise sing on sixteenth notes, in the second on eighth triplet notes. This kind of lessons are essential to understand all the following exercises, so our advice is that if you want to understand Horacio’s system, don’t skip it.



The subdivision, we are going to use a clip with a pulse of 4 beats and then we are going to subdivide each of these beats, first in 4 and then in 3. So, here we go… So we call this binary subdivision and or subdivision in 4/4 subdivision, then we have the triplets subdivision in which we will divide each of these poses into threes, into groups of three eighth notes. Here we go… 1, 2, 3, 4


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