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12 November, 2017 625 31 No Comments


From now on you will work with a ternary concept (Triplets). Your left hand plays the Clave in the Wood Block, the right hand will play the Triplets, to reach the independence of your hands (it is important that you sing the subdivisions like Horacio does). In this video you have the first steps for its understanding and application.



So now we are going to pass to study the Clave with the Ternary subdivision or with the triplet subdivision. And let’s remember, playing the Rumba Clave with the left hand and the subdivision with the right, in this case. But in all this exercises we are supposed to play inverting the hands so you are going to play the Clave with your right hand and everything else with the left. So let’s remember the triplet subdivision with the Clave. 1, 2, 3, 4…


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