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Demo 1 – 8121 – E

12 November, 2017 549 30 No Comments


The master Giovanni shows you a last pattern summing up all the variations for “Shekere”, used in the “Yoruba” ceremonies (Lukumi) with three Shekeres. Here you have a demo on how to fill and play this instrument creatively.



When you combine those three, for example, you are playing in a group and you do your thing, so you can combine the rhythms. It’s not the same when you are playing with three persons, so you have to sustain the groove, and ok, when you feel that, and you are in another level, more advanced, you can do a couple of things. But with the groove and the accent, that’s beautiful. Ok? Simple. Example, like a free improvisation, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1…


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