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Guagancó – 3021 – E

12 November, 2017 864 37 No Comments


This video shows how to work with one of the denominated Afro-Cuban music’s most interesting rhythms: the “Guaguancó”. 1st line: Right hand plays Rumba Clave in 3/2 on Cowbell. 2nd line: Left hand plays Snare combinations. 3rd line: Bass Drum plays “Tumbao” combining strokes with snare.



This is another pattern that you can apply to latin jazz style of music as well as to other styles of music. It comes from the rumba. I’m going to start playing it very slow and then I’m going to increase the speed. Then, I’m going to go back to the slow tempo for you to see how can it work in different tempos. One, two, three, four…


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