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History of Conga – 8008 – E

12 November, 2017 571 35 No Comments


Do you know the origin of congas? This great master of percussion gives an intersting explanation on the history of Conga.



The Tumbadora is originally from Cuba and passed to Puerto Rico, New York, California, many, many countries. They have a nickname, we call Conga, but Conga originally is the rhythm. So, at the begining we started to play with one Conga, we are talking about the forties, 1940s, to fifties, 1953/54, people like Patato Valdés came with four congas in the early forties, then Mr. Tata Güines came with one conga and two congas in 1955/56. Eventually it’s growing up, you play one conga, two, three, four, five congas and I would like to start with the first step of this pattern that is the Son Montuno Tumbao, that we do like this 1, 2, 3…….


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