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Is it necessary to read music? – 8000 – E

12 November, 2017 581 29 No Comments


In this exercise, Giovanni evaluates the importance that reading music had in his professional life. Listen to the advice of this great master of percussion regarding this controversial subject.



It’s so important, the reading, the writing. Important to learn about that, about how to read music, how to learn in the correct way, to take time for you, to sacrifice yourself and study at least half hour, one hour, if you can do that for three or five, it’s a lot better. Like myself, I am still doing it, I have to sacrifice myself to learn each note, how, where, when, for what, and what I want from that. And when you read music, the road is going to be a lot easier for you, ok? So, the university is the street, really, the experiences that you have, different times, different places playing, but the academic part is so beautiful too, beautiful, beautiful, that it is another world and we have , at least myself, we have to express ourselves, we have to deal with that, with the reading, ok? We have a good ear, we have a good feeling, but it is important too, ok?, how to read music….


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