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Jazz with musicians – 3039 – E

12 November, 2017 715 32 No Comments


In this video Ignacio Berroa shows how to work in group with patterns of “Swing” and the patterns of Rumba in the same one. What he denominates Rumba-jazz. In this case, with two great Spanish musicians: Max Suñer and Carlos Benavent. 1st line Right hand plays “Swing” in the Cymbal 2nd line Left hand plays “Rumba” with Toms and Snare 3rd line Bass Drum plays “Tumbao” with the Rumba Optional Hihat in the 2nd and 4th beat of the bar



Now, we’re going to play something that we can call rumba jazz. Do you remember what I said at the beginning about playing the rumba clave with a triplet feel? And playing the clave with a 4/4 feel? So now, we’re going to demonstrate this in three different exercises. First, in a 4/4 feel, so we can call it rumba jazz. One, two, three, four….


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