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Mambo with a different cascara – 3014 – E

12 November, 2017 681 33 No Comments


This video consists of an exercise with a different combination for the rhythms called Latin Jazz “Mambo” on Cymbal, Snare, Bass Drum, hihat and introduction of the Toms in the pattern. 1st line: Right hand plays different Cáscara “C” on the Cymbal. 2nd line: Left hand plays Snare and variations on the Toms. 3rd line: Bass Drum plays “Tumbao”, 2nd Eighth Note of the 2nd beat. Hihat on all Quarter notes of the bar.



Now, let’s play different ways of how to approach to what most of the people call Latin jazz. I’m going to play the same pattern of cáscara I played on the side of the floor tom, but now on the bell of the cymbal. I’m going to start just playing the pattern, and then I’m going to apply toms covering the conga part. At the beginning I’m going to do the count-off, and I’m going to keep the hi-hat with the foot. That means you have to play quarter notes with tha hi-hat all the time while you’re playing. Okay, let’s do it. One, two, three, four…


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