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Polyrhythms with the key for “Triplicity”, “A, B” – 2042 – E

12 November, 2017 1233 68 No Comments


Polyrhythms featured in the song “Triplicity.” Demo of Bill working with the previous exercises and parts “A and B” of the song.



But let’s go back to the original figure which you remember was four notes and three. And we put flams in front of that. Let’s put it up on the hi-hat. That would feel good over a steady kick. So these are now sister rhythms. At both times you’re hearing… Now we have two parts of a composition. Up here is part A, and over here, when the pulse changes, part B, Boo Boom. You have the rhythm basis for an A section and a B section of a tune. This became a piece on the current Earthworks CD entitled The Sound of Surprise and the tune in question is called “Triplicity.”


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