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Quintuplet notes – 1016 – E

12 November, 2017 668 25 No Comments


This exercise consists of 6 parts, to be played with both hands (R-L or L-R) on the snare and combining this with the bass drum and HiHat. When not read in the exercise the HiHat is always on quarter notes. Bar 1 – Right hand and left hand read quintuplets. Bar 2 – Right hand and bass drum read quintuplets. Bar 3 – Left hand and bass drum read quintuplets. Bar 4 – Right hand and HiHat read quintuplets. Bar 5 – Left hand and HiHat read quintuplets. Bar 6 – Bass drum and HiHat read quintuplets.



Quintuplets are a somewhat complex figure, in the first place because they are not common in our western culture and you are unlikely to hear this type of rhythmic figure in popular music (on radio, TV, etc.). However, this does not mean that you should ignore them, since mastering this type of figure will help you to grasp other figures better and will make it easier to understand bars of odd times and polyrhythms. Always recite eighth note triplets to control their location in the beat and the bar and place your strokes accurately (with confidence), and listen constantly to the metronome so that you do not lose the beat.


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