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Rock only drumset – 3028 – E

12 November, 2017 583 30 No Comments


In this video Ignacio Berroa shows how to work a pattern of “Rock” and the application of the Rumba Clave (3/2) in the same one. 1st line Right hand plays all the Eighth Notes in open Hihat and Clave with the Cowbell 2nd line Left hand plays the 2nd and the 4th Quarter note in Snare 3rd line Bass Drum plays a Quarter note in the 1st beat and two Eighth Notes in the 3rd beat Optional Quarter Notes on Hihat



Now, let’s play a rock groove and add the rumba clave to this groove. Please notice that the clave can be played either on the cowbell, on the bell of your cymbal, on the hi-hat… You name it, it is your choice. So, here we go. One, two, three, four… Now, we’re going to play the same groove with this two great musicians: Carlos Benavent and Max Sunyer.


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