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Rumba demo all around the drum set – 3011 – E

12 November, 2017 644 26 No Comments


This video consists in a demonstration of the application of the Cuban Rumba with Cowbell, Snare, Bass Drum, hihat and introduction of the Toms in the pattern. 1st line: Left hand plays Clave on Floor-tom and Cowbell. 2nd line: Right hand plays Snare and variations on the Toms. 3rd line: Bass Drum plays the 2nd Eighth Note of the 2nd beat. Quarter Notes on Hihat.



Now, I’m going to demonstrate how to apply a Rumba pattern to the drum set. There are different ways and it depends on the player. So, I’m going to start playing the Clave on the side of the floor tom and, at some point, I’m going to move the Clave to the cowbell. For those who like to play the Clave with the left foot, you can also play the clave with your left foot and play the cáscara with your right hand. I’m not going to do it this way because is not my style. So, I’m going to demonstrate it with the Rumba. One, two, three, four….


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