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Seventh Notes – 1018 – E

12 November, 2017 610 28 No Comments


This exercise consists of 6 parts, to be played with both hands (R-L or L-R) on the snare and combining this with the bass drum and HiHat. When not read in the exercise the HiHat is always on quarter notes. Bar 1 – Right hand and left hand read septuplets. Bar 2 – Right hand and bass drum read septuplets. Bar 3 – Left hand and bass drum read septuplets. Bar 4 – Right hand and HiHat read septuplets. Bar 5 – Left hand and HiHat read septuplets. Bar 6 – Bass drum and HiHat read septuplets.



You are now reading septuplets, a somewhat complex figure owing to high, and odd, number of strokes, and one that will not sound very familiar to you, in comparison with other figures. You do need to study it, though, since, as already mentioned, it is the first step towards understanding more complex figures, and you will find that studying these figures will help you to grasp bars of odd times and polyrhythms. Control their location in the beat and the bar and place your strokes accurately (with confidence), and listen constantly to the metronome so that you do not lose the beat.


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