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Shuffle only drumset – 3030 – E

12 November, 2017 705 32 No Comments


In this video Ignacio Berroa shows how to work a “Shuffle” and the application of the Rumba Clave (3/2) in the same one. 1st line Right hand plays all the Triplet Eighth Notes in Hihat and the Clave with the Cowbell 2nd line Left hand plays the 2nd and the 4th Quarter note in Snare 3rd line Bass Drum plays a Quarter note in the 1st beat and the 3rd Eighth Notes in the 2nd and 4th beat Optional Quarter Notes on Hihat



Another popular rhythm in the rock style is the shuffle. So now I’m going to play a shuffle pattern or a shuffle groove adding the rumba clave to the groove. One, two, three, four….


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