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Simple Mambo (A) with Clave – 5103 – E

12 November, 2017 1089 46 No Comments


Horacio shows you how to apply the Mambo pattern: right Hand plays Cáscara in cymbals, Left Hand orchestrates in Toms and Snare in addition to Hihat and Bass Drum.



The Mambo, as the name itself says, is a rhythm born with the Mambo era, it was probably one of the first rhythms that were adapted to the drum set, by great percussion players and drummers, like Alex Acuña when he was very young with the Perez Prado Orquesta, Perez Prado claims that he was the inventor of Mambo and it is a big discussion between him and Orestes Lopez Cachao who was the one, but is a rhythm that involves the Cáscara, same time it was created for Timbales and Congas. So this rhythm involves the Cáscara and a Conga pattern that we will imitate with the rest of the drum set. This rhythm can also be played on the cymbal, and of course, we can use the left foot Clave if you want. Here goes another variation. 1, 2, 3, 4…


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