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Singing the bass drum and clapping the clave – 3006 – E

12 November, 2017 612 41 No Comments


This video has two exercises with the explanation of the Rumba Clave clapping with hands and adding the Bass Drum. 1st line: Rumba Clave with hands (3/2). 2nd line: the voice sings Quarter Notes, Quarter Notes on Hihat. 1st line: right hand plays Rumba Clave on Cowbell. 2nd line: Bass Drum plays Quarter Notes, Quarter Notes on Hihat.



Now, let’s see how we can develop our independence on applying the Clave to different grooves. The first thing we should do is to clap the Clave with our hands and sing the line. Let’s take, for example, quarter notes. One, two three, four… Now, let’s do the same thing playing the Clave with the sticks and the bass drum. One, two, three, four…


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