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Sixteen notes accents in 7/8 – 2039 – E

12 November, 2017 1177 70 No Comments


Triplicity (Earthworks). Bill’s comments and explanations playing all around the drum kit



I’d just like to explain about a tune on the new Earthworks CD entitled Triplicity. Often as a drummer-composer, I start with a rhythm I like, probably not very complicated, and now I can show how I get a basic rhythm, how I treat it, and how it eventually turns to a full rhythmic basis for a composition. In this particularly case, the rhythm was seven notes long, divided four and three. One, two, three, four, one, two, three. As follows. There’s a little rhythm, not very exciting just yet, but played with drums… One, two, three, four… Now, the next obvious logical thing I would do after that is split the two hands into different sounds so I can hear more clearly which hand is playing what rhythm. Now, this is starting to sound interesting to my ear. Let’s just listen to the right sound on its own. One, two, three, four… That’s a seven pattern, one, two, three, patatam, patatam. I like that rhythm. So that become the African bell part which is going to be the key to the composition.


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