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Sixteen notes in 7/4 “A” – 2033 – E

12 November, 2017 733 34 No Comments


Flams and accents Bill’s explanations Exercises for left and right hand. With accents. No flams. A) Seventh notes in sixteen notes into a 7/4, with snare and toms.



I’d like to take a rhythm now, which is a series of accents in sixteenth note phrases in seven four. This became the basis for a tune King crimson did called Boo Boo, and it’s a series of accents that I like, but it could be any series of accents. And during the course of this examples, I’ll show you how to build it up and make the rhythm more interesting and what you could do with it. So here is the master rhythm in seven four. One, two, three, four… Once again a little faster. One, two, three, four… And continuously. Now, one of the first things you could do with that, for example, to make it more interesting, would be to put the right and left accents on tom toms


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