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Sixteenth Notes – 1006 – E

12 November, 2017 1726 38 No Comments


This exercise has 16 parts: work with both hands (R-L or L-R), one stroke by each, and the HiHat always on quarter notes. Line 1 – Sixteenth notes Line 2 – Quarter notes Line 3 – Sixteenth notes Line 4 – Quarter note triplets Line 5 – Sixteenth notes Line 6 – Eighth notes Line 7 – Sixteenth notes Line 8 – Eighth note triplets Line 9 – Sixteenth notes Line 10 – Quintuplets Line 11 – Sixteenth notes Line 12 – Sextuplets Line 13 – Sixteenth notes Line 14 – Septuplets Line 15 – Sixteenth notes Line 16 – Thirty-second notes



From now on you will have to pay special attention because you are beginning to combine figures with a high number of strokes (here, four strokes per beat) with the other figures. Listen to each stroke and make sure that you DO NOT ACCENT the first strokes. In these exercises all the strokes should be played at the same volume. It is important for you to analyse each figure without having to accent strokes to master them with greater confidence.


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