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Sixteenth Triplet notes – 1017 – E

12 November, 2017 765 34 No Comments


This exercise consists of 6 parts, to be played with both hands (R-L or L-R) on the snare and combining this with the bass drum and HiHat. When not read in the exercise the HiHat is always on quarter notes. Bar 1 – Right hand and left hand read sextuplets. Bar 2 – Right hand and bass drum read sextuplets. Bar 3 – Left hand and bass drum read sextuplets. Bar 4 – Right hand and HiHat read sextuplets. Bar 5 – Left hand and HiHat read sextuplets. Bar 6 – Bass drum and HiHat read sextuplets.



Sextuplets, like eighth notes, triplets and sixteenth notes, are a figure that you will hear constantly in all types of music and this will help you to grasp the figure, but the most important aspect in this type of exercise is the combination of hands and feet. Be careful. With this type of figure there is always a tendency not to pay too much attention because of how familiar it sounds, but once you begin to read one bar after the other (without stopping), you will find that co-ordination between your feet and hands sometimes fails, particularly in maintaining the HiHat. Most of the students who have practised these exercises have found them to be practical and effective when playing different patterns.


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