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Son Clave – 3003 – E

12 November, 2017 940 43 No Comments


This video has two exercises with the explanation of the Son Clave and Rumba. 1st line: left and right hands play Son Clave Quarter Notes on Hihat. 1st line: left and right hands play Rumba Clave. Quarter Notes on Hihat.



The other Clave we need to understand is the Son Clave. This Clave, as well as the Rumba Clave, is a two bar pattern and has a three side and a two side. There is a slight difference betwen this two Clave which makes the feel different, and the different is one beat on the three side of the Clave, and it goes like this. I’m going to play the Son Clave first and the the Rumba Clave, second. One, two, three, four… In the Rumba Clave, the third beat is off. That is the difference.


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