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Songo variations – 3018 – E

12 November, 2017 571 31 No Comments


This video shows different variations of “Songo” rhythms with Cowbell, Snare, Bass Drum, hihat. 1st line Right hand plays Cáscara “E” in cowbell 2nd line Left hand plays Snare with variations 3rd line Bass Drum plays “Tumbao” and some combinations with snare Hihat in the 1st and 3rd Quarter note of the bar



Now, i’m going to play different variations of the rhythm called songo. This is a rhythm that combines differents aspects of afrocuban music. If you want to go deep on this style of music, I will refer to you to my video Mastering the art of afrocuban drumming. So, I’m going to play variations in a more modern way. One, two, three, four….


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