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Sound – 8071 – E

12 November, 2017 539 33 No Comments


Do you know the sounds of Bongo? In this exercise, Giovanni shows you step by step how to get the best sounds out of this instrument, the Bongo.



When we deal with the Bongos, when we play, we have to be sure that we are dealing with the correct sounds. Example, on the Female, the sound is the open beat… Some people, sometimes you can hit with the muff, occasionally, sometimes, like… You know? It’s valid. Over here, you hit in the corner like a slap but with the fingers, open beat, ok?… Like that…the colors, right? A little bit outside…inside…or like we say in the ring with the finger. So three different sounds and a fourth one that is the slap, ok?… And again, important: another color, another sound, brilliant like a bell. Like I said before in the ring, not only on the “Macho” (“Male”)…., right? With one finger, you can use it on the “Hembra” (“Female”), ok?… Like, example for Boleros, 1, 2, 3, 4….


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