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The sound of your congas (Open, Slap, Muff, Bass) – 8001 – E

12 November, 2017 741 30 No Comments


How to place your hands and obtain the best sound on your congas



When the tune starts the structure, it depends on the structure. You find the intro, then the groove, then comes a bridge, or special of the Mambo of that tune, so that ‘s why we use the four main sounds on the Tumbadora; that is the real name of this instrument, so the nickname is Conga, and the Conga is rhythm, and now we call it both, we call it Tumbadora or Conga. So you use the open…. you use the slap…. you use the base…..and you use the muff….. And remember with the open, you have to hit and put the hand a little up to let the sound go through, flow, ok? So difference with the muff is that you have to put a little pressure on the hand, …ok? So when you do open/muff, it sounds like this….


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