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Tuning – 4067 – E

12 November, 2017 935 48 No Comments


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Tuning is a very personal situation for every drummer. I personally like to tune the drums accordingly to the size of the instrument, and I like to tune the bottom head equally to the top head, then I place my hand in the centre of the head and I make sure that every loud sound is equally tuned. This is high, for example, and I just lower a little bit, and I just make sure that everything is right. Then I use intervals for thirds and fours, and around the toms. I do the same thing with the snare, to the bottom head kind of high to the top head also kind of high, with the same note, and I go around every loud and I make sure that it is also tuned. Etc., etc. With the bass drum I like the muth in the front head and in the back head, and also Evans make some dampers that you can touch from inside both heads, and that’s how I like the bass drum to sound. Do you know that you will have a nice tuning by also placing some dampers with the trap tape to get ride of the toms.


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