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What not to do – 3055 – E

12 November, 2017 633 44 No Comments


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I’m going to demonstrate what not to do when we get the call for a gig. Most of the time, we miss the point when we go to a gig and we bring everything we practice in our room to the band stand. So, I want you to be aware of what I’m going to do now, some things that are completely incorrect, and the ones that keep us at home, and we don’t get the call of the musicians because they don’t want to play with us if we play this way: One, two, three, four…. As you saw, I was overplaying, I was trying to play patterns that had nothing to do with the music, and I was not doing it on time. Most of the time, when I did a break, I was at the wrong place. So, those things are the things that we should not do when we go to the gig. We have to listen to the musicians that we’re playing with, and we have to make the music happen. That’s one of the most important aspects as a drummer.


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