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With 2 hands until groups of 10 notes – 4001 – E

12 November, 2017 637 40 No Comments


This exercise has 6 parts to work with both hands (R-L or L-R). Left hand plays eight notes in all the beats of the bar and the right hand reads all the combinations. 1st Part – Right hand reads Triplets. 2nd Part – Right hand reads Sixteenth notes. 3rd Part – Right hand reads Quintuplets. 4th Part – Right hand reads Sixteenth Notes. Triplets 5th Part – Right hand reads Seven Notes. 6th Part – Right hand reads Thirty-second Notes.



Rhythm is a down beat and an up beat, and inside the downbeat and the upbeat there are some accents that we call syncopation. One, two, three, … This will help you to find out the down beat in any measure any time you play any rhythms.


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