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Yuki Ogawa -Japan – (Hit Like A Girl 2018 1nd Place)

8 junio, 2018 894 42 No hay comentarios


My name is Yuki Ogawa. I am 13 years old. I’ve been playing drums since I was 3 year old. My future dream is to become a professional drummer known in the world like Kozo Suganuma or Senri Kawaguchi.
I want for people all over the world to know about Japan and Japanese traditional music, so I played the song “Unebi Mizuyama” by Gagaku unit “Tenchi Garaku” in Japan this and last year.
Mt. Unebi in Nara prefecture, one of Yamato Sanzan (three famous big mountains in Nara prefecture) was designated as a scenic site and was named after Mizuyama in Manyoshu (an old Japanese poetry book). Please enjoy my drumming along with “Gagaku,” which is said to be the oldest orchestra in the world.



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