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Queen Drums (Hit Like A Girl Contest 2018)

26 junio, 2018 1171 35 No hay comentarios


My name is Jaleacia Harris (Queen Drums) and I’m from Montgomery, Alabama. I’m sixteen years old in the eleventh grade. Drumming plays a big part in my life. I discovered my love and passion for music at a very young age. I started playing drums in church at the age of six. Church is where I got my start of playing in front of people. Then later I also started playing at school all the way up to now.
Some of my favorite Genres of music to play are Gospel ,Pop,Rnb and hip hop , some jazz and blues. I try to expand my musical ability by getting familiar with different genres . I’m so inspired by so many drummers who dewell in those genres and more.
My plan is to expand my ability and to inspire more women to play drums or any instrument. I believe that there’s so many female musicians out here who want to play, but doesn’t have the confidence or courage to do it. So I want to inspire and bring out more lady musicians.
Last but not least my Title (Queen Drums). To me A Queen is a Woman or a girl chosen to hold the most important position, being a drummer you have the most important part and position because everyone depends on you. So with me being a Queen I will hold my position as the lady drummer.
I hope you all enjoy my video make sure you vote Thanks!!!



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