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Siobhán Angeles (Hit Like A Girl Contest 2018)

26 junio, 2018 714 31 No hay comentarios


Hi, I’m Siobhán. I’m 16 years old and I’ve loved music since I was in the womb. I got my first drum pad at age two and my first kit at age four. I could hardly reach the kick pedal but that didn’t stop me and I’ve been rocking ever since! My parents tell me that as a baby I was an awesome air drummer in the car seat. Apparently, I would totally rock out when they played The Killers on the radio.

I’m currently a sophomore in high school and I participate in the symphonic, jazz, and marching bands as well as drumline (snare). I am the only girl on snare and the only girl in batterie. Usually, snare is reserved for upperclassmen, but I made snare my freshman year! Outside of school, I play in amateur/student bands performing rock covers at various venues in Los Angeles and Orange County.

In addition to drums, I play piano, alto saxophone, and a little guitar. I recently passed Level 10 of the Certificate of Merit (CM) for piano. Level 10 is the highest level for piano offered by the Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC).

I like listening to alternative, rock, jazz, and classical music. For my video, I am playing the drumset along to a classic late ‘70s pop song. “Dreaming” by Blondie is full of energy and fun to play. I hope you enjoy! ?

P.S. Thanks to all of my teachers!



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